Sauce and Liquid Food Filling Machine

food pail filling machine

PACK’R designs and manufactures food filling equipment for a range of liquid food needs, with many options. Food filling machines from PACK’R include the following features:

  • Machines for filling liquid foods in large containers (drums and totes) of 8G or more, as well as smaller containers from 5fl. oz to 8G (bottles, pails and jerrycans)
  • Your food filling machine can be further customized for container types, material to be filled and more
  • Weight-based filling for maximum accuracy, with documentation available
  • Explosion-proof designs
  • Options for smaller footprint machines
  • Pressurized tanks for consistent flow
  • Easy installation

As a custom food packing machine supplier, we specialize in identifying and creating the exact right machine for your application and requirements. We will work with you to deliver a machine that is the ideal fit for your facility and the needs of the job.

Let PACK’R design and engineer a customized food filling machine for your liquid food products:

  • Sauces
  • Vinaigrettes
  • Mayonnaises
  • Syrups

PACK’R conceptualizes and builds many types of custom food filling equipment — including sauce bottling equipment, syrup filling machines, mayonnaise bottling equipment and more. Our machines can fill and cap containers of nearly any size efficiently — from 100ml to 1,000L.

With the right custom sauce filling machine from PACK’R, you can address a range of bottling and filling needs. Depending on sauce bottling machine type, you can fill:

  • Standard retail bottles
  • Sample sizes
  • Single-use packages and bottles
  • Wholesale containers
  • Large containers such as drums and totes for industrial-caliber liquid food transportation requirements

Other packaging options include screw caps, flexspouts, push-on caps, lids, bungs and tab seals.


A sauce packaging machine from PACK’R offers numerous speed, efficiency, safety and quality benefits, such as:

  • Automated operation, reducing the need for human operations in repetitive packaging jobs
  • Multiple accuracy measures, including weight filling, torque detection for capping and more
  • Options for smaller footprints to fit any area of the facility, enabling you to retain an efficient factory layout
  • Multiple customization options for all types of containers, lids, spouts and more
  • Safety measures including explosion-proof construction
  • Options for monoblock machines that combine filling, capping, labeling and other processes in one piece of equipment — saving an immense amount of floor space and labor

Whether you need a single machine or an automated turnkey line, you can rely on the skilled technicians at PACK’R to provide exactly what you need to fulfill your production requirements. We offer the experience, expertise, product selection and customization options to help ensure that you begin seeing a significant return on your equipment investment as quickly as possible after installation. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about food packaging equipment, and how ours can help you.

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