Automatic Paint Filling Machines

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Accuracy and speed are important when filling and packing paint into containers of any size. Inaccurate filling can lead to spills and drippage that may necessitate rejection and repacking. In a high-volume operation such as paint filling, speed and efficiency are paramount. An automatic paint filling machine can fulfill both of these needs, offering the machine-regulated accuracy and speed required for any paint filling facility.

Paint Filling Machine Options

Our paint filling equipment can meet nearly any paint filling specification, with two product lines tailored to different size needs. Paint filling equipment from PACK’R falls under two broad categories:

  • 5fl. oz to 8G
  • 8G and above

Within these categories, we offer several machines. Available features and options for your paint packing machine include:

  • Different lidding and capping options
  • Filling by weight for maximum accuracy
  • Monobloc machines, combining filling, capping and labeling processes into one machine
  • Small footprint options when space is a concern
  • Explosion-proof construction for maximum safety
  • Flow control and smaller tanks for consistent flow, regardless of viscosity

These features are suitable whether you are in the market for a fully automatic or semi-automatic paint filling machine, and can all be customized by us.

Types of Paints Our Machines Can Fill

Let PACK’R conceptualize and build a customized paint filling/packing machine for your fluid or viscous products:

  • Paints
  • Glues
  • Sealants
  • Coatings
  • Resins
  • Inks

A leading paint filling machine manufacturer, PACK’R designs and engineers filling equipment for paint and related products. No matter what size pail or container you need to fill, we can provide the right machine to fill and cap your containers in the most efficient manner. Our extensive experience in handling all types of liquids — including special applications such as explosive liquids — combines with our ability to manufacture high-quality filler/cappers to make PACK’R a standout company in the paint and related products industry.

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