automatic drum-by-drum filler capper

PACK’R, a designer and manufacturer of automatic drum filling equipment and systems, offers the PULSA-D automatic drum filling machine. This automatic drum-by-drum filler capper is capable of filling up to 120 drums per hour. Our automatic drum machine fills drums from 15 gallon to 55 gallon capacity, and can handle plastic or metal bung caps and plastic or metal cap seals.

The PULSA-D automatic drum filler is designed to accommodate a broad range of products and applications. One fully automatic drum filling machine is suitable for drums of varying materials and sizes. It can be housed in a cabinet or guard to control the ambient atmosphere. In addition, explosion-proof design makes this fully automatic drum filling machine suitable for filling any liquid type. It includes petrochemical fuels, lubricants, agrochemicals, paints, coatings and food products.


Benefits of this automatic drum filling machine include:

  • Explosion proof design
  • High-speed filling machines (no human intervention)
    • The integrated automatic drum filling system allows for simultaneous execution of automatic operations on each station: debunging, filling, bunging, crimping
    • Fast format changeovers (Click&Play tooling system)
  • Precise positioning of drums during transfers from station to station (held in place by grippers)
  • Quick return on investment (no giveaway / high production capacity)
  • CIP cleaning system (no human intervention)

Able to fill thousands of drums per day, the PULSA-D automatic drum filling system offers the versatility and safety you need for even the harshest filling applications. For more information, contact us today.



Product details

  • Net weight filling technology
  • Output : Up to 120 drums per hour
  • Capacity : 15 gallons to 55 gallons
  • Caps : metal bung, plastic bungs, metal tab seals, plastic tab seals
  • Expertise: Agriculture, Chemical, Cleaners, Concentrates, Coatings, Lubricants, Sealants and other complex liquids

Liquid filling equipment options

PACK’R is able to offer complete line solutions with:

  • Single or multi-stage storage of empty metal drums, organized by reference and FIFO output.
  • Getting empty plastic and metal drums out of the pallet.
  • Palletizing of full plastic and metal drums using positive picking up.


A complete range of drum filling machine for liquids

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