automatic pallet drum filler capper

PACK’R, a designer and manufacturer of drum filling equipment and systems, offers the Automatic INLEO-P machine. This automatic pallet drum/IBC filler capper is capable of filling up to 40 drums per hour or 10 IBC per hour. It fills drums and IBCs from 20L to 200L capacity, and can handle plastic or metal bung caps and plastic or metal cap seals.

Benefits of this drum filling machine include:

  • Explosion proof design
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Labor cost reduction (no human intervention)
  • Integration of full automatic functions :
    • Bung detection with 2D camera
    • Bung removal
    • Product filling (with automatic grounding for hazardous execution)
    • Bung replacement (with torque control)
    • Cap seal crimping
    • Conveyor and controls system easily integrated with filler

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