PACK’R features the right team with the right knowledge to deliver expert service, support and partnership to gain the highest level of productivity from your filling machine. We offer our services at every step of the way, from initial design through production and on to machine startup and beyond. As a long-term partner, we work to keep your filling machine operating efficiently and accurately, with a broad suite of capabilities designed to fulfill any requirements you may have. These include:

  • Training: We work with operators and any other staff who may interact with the filling machine to help them understand how to operate the equipment, and how to maximize value and productivity.
  • Maintenance: From scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs, our maintenance services are available to keep equipment online and operating at peak levels.
  • Upgrades and retrofits: New capabilities do not have to mean new machines. We can help you introduce new components and tools into your existing equipment and can help you select the right machines and parts for your configuration, helping to maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Flexible service contract: We work with you to develop the right packaging equipment service package to match your requirements, budget and resource availability.
  • Dedicated support hotline: We are ready to answer any questions you have about operating, optimizing or repairing your equipment.

Your Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated technical support is a cornerstone of the PACK’R service offering, and your team is on call from the moment your PACK’R filling machine is up and running. With a wealth of expertise throughout our service and support personnel, we offer a number of benefits designed to help you get the most value and return on your equipment investment, including operational training, maintenance training, technical knowledge transfer and more.

With services designed to share knowledge rather than operate in a continuous cycle of maintenance calls, we equip you with the right tools and expertise to optimize, diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your equipment, helping to minimize downtime. We accomplish this through remote assistance, a dedicated hotline and deep expertise in our products and systems.

If necessary, we send technicians for on-site service, but have achieved exceptional success providing real-time remote support to our customers in order to get back up and running as soon as possible. All support conversations are stored for traceability and reference. Our customer service team features a strong North America presence with global availability. 

Maintenance Services 

We feature a number of packaging machine service offerings that can help your filling equipment maintain accurate, effective, high-quality operation, in areas like screwing quality, dosing precision and more. Our services include regular diagnostic visits, periodic maintenance and preventive maintenance to maintain the efficiency of your equipment and the quality of your products (dosing precision, screwing quality).

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance, or scheduled maintenance, is one of the most effective tools in keeping your equipment running at peak performance. We provide you with a comprehensive preventive maintenance manual to guide your regular maintenance plan.

Our maintenance service also includes a proposed list of replacement components and spare filling machine parts to help your maintenance personnel make repairs and adjustments as quickly and seamlessly as possible, without the need for emergency part orders. Contact us to learn more about the components of a preventive maintenance strategy.

Maintenance audit

PACK’R maintenance audits involve performance testing, equipment condition checks and documented verification of the results of every process that we carry out. We carry out these audits in conjunction with you and your staff, so that we can understand any concerns you may have, and get a sense of equipment conditions and performance issues that we may not be able to detect in the process of the audit.

We then provide you with a complete report, detailing any adjustments or modifications that should be made. Contact us to learn more about how the audit works, and how to schedule one of your own. 

And Original Spare Parts, Too

In order to reduce downtime as much as possible, it is critical to keep the right packaging equipment parts and components on hand. PACK’R offers a full selection of parts to help maximize uptime and keep your equipment operational.

Filling equipment is especially subject to wear and tear, and unplanned shutdowns can occur quickly and with little warning. With the right packaging machine parts on hand, you won’t have to wait for costly emergency deliveries — you can simply locate and replace the part in question without the need to go outside of the facility.

If you’re unsure of the right components or parts for your equipment, contact us today. Our support team will help you identify the right spares for your needs and will help you to correctly use them.

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