PACK’R Step by Step Filler Capper

The PACK’R PULSA-S Filler Capper fills containers of 500ml to 20L capacity, provides outputs of up to 18 CPM, and can handle screw caps, flexspouts, push-on caps, lids, bungs and tab seals. This machine can be configured in various ways, allowing for the creation of a very flexible production line. Ultra-fast format changeovers allow you to switch quickly between several capping stations or several formats at each station.

Features and benefits of the PULSA-S Filler Capper include:

  • Explosion-proof design / ATEX
  • Smaller, pressurized tank for consistent product flow rate
  • Traceable, user-friendly HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
  • Weight-filling system with legal metrology available
  • Very high accuracy with product savings due to no overfilling
  • Customized cleaning programs reduce wasted product and cleaning solutions
  • Brushless capping system with consistently accurate torque values
  • Multi-format machine handles bottles, jerrycans, pails and drums
  • Small footprint with several layout configurations
  • Quick tooling changeovers with dedicated color tooling for specific containers

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