FLEXEO-P Semi-Automatic Drum Filling Machine

Do you need to replace your aging drum filling machine or one that’s no longer suited to your production needs, while reducing your production costs? Need to increase your production capacity by automating your filling process? Safety of your operators is a key factor in your productivity?

Our FLEXEO-P semi-automatic filler for drums and totes meets all these needs. This system is able to fill a wide range of drums on pallets from 5 to 55 Gallons as well as different IBC Totes. Assembled in our factory in Atlanta, these machines can be offered as a standalone unit, with conveyors, or in a movable base. Typical output rate is 40 drums or 10/12 IBC totes per hour.



The PACK’R FLEXEO-P stands as our most adaptable solution, accommodating various container sizes and types. Whether you are filling viscous, foamy, flammable or corrosive liquids, the FLEXEO-P excels.

Its intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies recipe programming and operation, ensuring efficiency and traceability. Despite its cost-effectiveness and semi-automated nature, the FLEXEO-P maintains precision through net-weight technology, preventing overfilling and optimizing product usage.

Recognizing clean packaging as a top priority for our customers, the FLEXEO-P system includes essential features such as a drip cup and a comprehensive selection of cleaning solutions. Our Cleaning Collector, specifically designed to clean the lance post-production, ensures thorough cleanliness and maintenance. Furthermore, to mitigate any risk of cross-contamination, each unit is compatible with multiple filling lines, allowing for effective segregation of different product types.

  • Machine assembled in the USA
  • Best dosing accuracy with our net weight filling technology, preventing overfilling and optimizing product usage
  • Filling drums from 5 to 55 gallons
    • 15 gallons: 70 drums / hour
    • 55 gallons: 40 drums / hour
  • Filling of IBCs from 275 gallons to 330 gallons
    • 275 gallons: 12 IBCs / hour
  • Instantaneous flow up to 15 lbs / second
  • Clean Packaging: Includes key elements like a drip cup and various cleaning solutions to ensure thorough cleanliness.
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy recipe programming



Recognizing flexibility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness as pivotal characteristics of the semi-automated pallet drum filling system, the FLEXEO-P offers a multitude of configurations and customizable options. Tailored to meet diverse industry needs, the FLEXEO-P ensures efficient and adaptable solutions for liquid filling operations.

  • Motorized conveyors for pallet transportation
  • Machine in a transport base making it easy to move around the workshop
  • Uncapping/capping tools to open and close containers
  • Cleaning Collector for quick and easy Clean-In-Place
  • ExProof Design, for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere, Class 1, Division 1 and & Division 2.
  • UL compliance and certification
  • Additional filling line to prevent product cross contamination

Nitrogen purge function, allowing a nitrogenization of the containers before, during, and/or after the filling



If you are looking for a faster and simpler way to add automation into your liquid manufacturing company, consider PACK’R semi-automatic filler and capper machines. Our semi-automatic filling machines allow you the flexibility to integrate the functions that best fit your operations for a smoother production line, with lower capital investment and faster implementation than fully automated solutions.

Contact PACK’R today to learn more about our design and manufacturing capabilities for liquid filling and capping machines. We are ready to provide the semi-auto filling machine that will make your processes easier.

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