FLEXEO-P Semi-Automatic Drum Filling Machine

Filling liquid in larger drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) can cause manufacturers to invest in complicated filling, capping and labeling equipment that can take large amounts of floor space. Instead, simplify your operations and retain flexibility with a semi-automatic pallet drum filler capper from PACK’R. You also can fill jerrycans, drums and totes with the FLEXEO-P.

A semi-automatic drum filling machine reduces waste and speeds operations by using weighing technology to ensure accurate, fast filling in every cycle. In the semi-automatic pallet drum filler capper, the machine offers a wide range of options for integration with your existing conveyor or other movement and fulfillment infrastructure. The semi-auto filling machine can also be combined with PACK’R conveyor or bunging and crimping solutions.

PACK’R, a designer and manufacturer of drum filling equipment and systems, offers the FLEXEO-P Semi-Automatic capping machine. This pallet drum/IBC filler capper is capable of filling up to 40 drums per hour or 10 IBC per hour. It fills drums and IBCs from 20L to 200L capacity, and can handle plastic or metal bung caps and plastic or metal cap seals.

Benefits of this semi-automatic filling machine include:

  • Explosion proof design / ATEX
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Four weeks delivery time*
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Easy manual option
  • Various options and ancillary equipment available:
    • Conveyor systems and controls
    • Manual bunging and crimping tools
    • Customized controls and interfaces
    • Operator platforms and cleaning stations


A semi-automatic filling machine is used in conjunction with manual operations, easing integration with your existing systems and allowing machinery operators to work more quickly, efficiently and safely. You can have the machine fill containers; provide manual bung or crimp tools; clean the containers while they are in place or out of place; and even perform nitrogen purging to prevent container oxidation and contamination of materials.  

We design semi-automatic filling systems specifically to consume a smaller footprint in the facility — at a lower cost than a fully automated machine. The FLEXEO-P semi-automatic liquid filling machine offers these benefits (among more described below). It is suitable for agrochemical, vegetable oil and sealant companies — as well as other liquid manufacturing industries. The numerous controls and options available with the FLEXEO-P make it ideal for a wide range of filling volumes, container types and fulfillment solutions.

The FLEXEO-P semi-auto filling machine handles both drums and IBCs on pallets. It can fill 40 drums or 10 IBCs per hour, with container capacities ranging from 20 liters to 1,000 liters. In addition, the semi-automatic pallet drum filler capper can work with plastic or metal bung caps, as well as plastic or metal cap seals — offering a wide range of options to complete filling and integrate with fulfillment processes. 

Benefits of this drum-filling machine include:

  • Quick, easy installation and integration with your existing processes
  • Easy training for your employees on the FLEXEO-P advanced yet intuitive control system
  • Explosion-proof design / UL design
  • Compact design to easily fit nearly anywhere in your facility
  • Ergonomic considerations to ease physical stresses and risk of injury on operators
  • Reduced labor costs through more efficient operation and greater worker productivity
  • Easy manual option

Various options and ancillary equipment available:

  • Conveyor systems and controls
  • Manual bunging and crimping tools
  • Customized controls and interfaces
  • Operator platforms and cleaning stations


If you are looking for a faster and simpler way to add automation into your liquid manufacturing company, consider PACK’R semi-automatic filler and capper machines. Our semi-automatic filling machines allow you the flexibility to integrate the functions that best fit your operations for a smoother production line, with lower capital investment and faster implementation than fully automated solutions.

Contact PACK’R today to learn more about our design and manufacturing capabilities for liquid filling and capping machines. We are ready to provide the semi-auto filling machine that will make your processes easier.

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